Custom building ambience


Something similar to this for old wood structures:

Buildings that are huge like warehouses or malls to have some kind of echo effect when walking or shooting.
A cool feature would be echo travel time,for example An underground mine is large,lets say something happens at the end of the furthest point and creates a noise,if the player is at the start of the mine it will be some kind of sound delay.
This is a hard to make feature so maybe wont be added into the game(and i don’t blame).


its actuly easy af and can be done in like few clicks


Well im 99% sure that there will be something like this in the game at some point in the future


I was also thinking of dynamic light. So dark rooms without windows or light will be dark without the “NO LIGHT” thing


i think that will happn cus it built in in unreal engine so its automaticly implemented im 100 PERCENT SHURE but yeah