Custom character

In unturned 3 we could change color, face and create some weirdos but will we have it in unturned II or even more custumization like anthropomorphic characters?

Customizable characters are a staple in Unturned, so it’s safe to assume that yes, they will be added.

Anthropomorphic characters however are probably a long shot.
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haha you almost got me, i dont indentify myself as a furry but i love them. btw if there are already some weird colored thingies - why not?

Why in gods name would there ever be support for something like that? Makes no sense and wouldn’t match up with nelson’s artstyle in the slightest

I’d prefer we keep our cubic man as human as possible, thanks.

Other than that strange mention, yes we may be able to see more customizable options in the game, if considered,

Ones I could think of on top of my head are:

  • More hair, facial hair, and face options
  • Preset and custom colors for everyone to use (Gold only in the current game)
  • Male/female body model (Don’t worry about hitbox advantage, it’s just visual)
  • Separate eyes and mouth customization (Maybe?)
  • Customizable eye color (For some eyes only) and maybe mouth if teeth/tongue/open mouth is involved
  • Undershirts and pants? No gameplay effect but simply cosmetic. Optionally make pants forced, while shirts are also forced for female model (I mean the character is just clean of private parts…)
  • Tattoos? Includes arm, torso and back tattoos (One design at a time only).

So, no more acid skin colors just stylish body?

remember the custom robotic skins i think same could be in unturned 2

that’d eradicate all the green dudes too

any character?


uwu owo females

Ya like furries?


with the recent string of crime involving discord

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why would you comment this

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Don’t you miss our resident furry tho?

who, Nuclearsun?

course i miss him
good guy he was

Absolutely. Though, I’m trying to decide if ure wrong version of his name is purpose or not

ohh it was NuclearPotato

i thought it was Nuclearsun
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Yes. Now what shall we do…