Custom Cloth

A friend is making a shirt for a map using unity 3d, and for some reason it is not doing well, since he does not know how to speak english I have to act as an intermediary

Does it give any message in the error logs?

I forgot about that, there I ask him about that
EDIT: traslator mistake xd

Here is, he stayed afk so I had to get the error logs and i dont understand bc I didnt make the mod
Unable to read header from archive file: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Unturned/Maps/argentina/Bundles/Items/Shirt/Military_top_argentina/Military_top_argentina.unity3d
[2022-11-18 14:45:30] Failed to read data for the AssetBundle ‘Military_top_argentina.unity3d’.
[2022-11-18 14:45:30] Failed to analyze C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned/Maps\argentina\Bundles/Items/Shirt/Military_top_argentina/Military_top_argentina.dat: missing ‘Item’ GameObject

May be a Unity issue. If Item is in the folder being bundled, check tags and layers on the prefabs.


my friend doesn’t know how xd
he use a youtube video as a guide

Can you get a screenshot of the Inspector in Unity with the Item prefab selected?

This one is the example for the Chef Top:

Tag and Layer are at the top of that window as you can see, they should both be set to Item.

He doesn’t want to make the shirt anymore, so I try it there to see if it works

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