Custom cosmetic outfit previews

Trying out this feature on my custom workshop items, but it doesn’t work, is it supported for custom items/cosmetics or just for the cosmetics that are officially ingame?

Outfit previews require outfit.assets. For examples, check the vanilla bundles folder.

I did try that, but it simply did not work!

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That doesn’t look like a valid GUID. There might be a similar error message in the in-game error logs.

6fc310d0641c4156a20435b74b9a592de is 33 characters long (but this should actually be 32 characters long).

Generate a new GUID, at the proper length. You probably copy-pasted one that you generated but only replaced part of the original GUID of the file you used as a reference.

I can’t believe one character invalidated my entire guid.
Anyways thanks for the help Molt!

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If other cosmetic creators ask, please let them know about creating cosmetic/outfit previews! Hopefully some will find it helpful when uploading cosmetics to the curated Workshop.

Ok! I will!

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