Custom Door Objects won't work properly in multiplayer

For a while now i have been trying to make custom door objects like the vanilla blast doors and aircraft carrier doors, but the doors just won’t work properly on servers.

In singleplayer the animation works fine, players can go through the door.
In servers the animation also works fine but the players can’t go through the doors they start glitching like some sort of collider prevents them.

Here is a picture of the Prefab of my door, gameobjects are all setup the same as in vanilla doors.

Make sure on the clip it has always animate instead of based on renders

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ah i didn’t even notice Clip has culling type on always animate, will test the doors soon.
Thanks for the help.

Yep that was the problem, the door works now, i can’t believe i missed this one small setting of the animation

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Haha, i also had the exact same issue back when i made my first animated objects. You have no clue how angry I was when i finally found the fix

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