Custom grass detail textures not working

I’ve been working on custom materials/details for a while now. And I’ve come across a bit of an issue. In the past I have made a few custom material/detail assets for my own map projects and had no issues with them. but now when I made some new ones for a newer project of mine, the materials work, but the details are left with a very weird texture that doesn’t look anything like I made them to look like. I haven’t changed the way I made the details/materials, but now they look either invisible or these weird really intense color and half-transparent textures that dont look anything like what i made them look like before on previous maps. The bugged texture also changes every time i reload the map.

do any pixels touch the side of the texture? that can result in similar issues

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They are just simple recolors and one of them has some very slight modifications for thistle flowers, but they dont touch the sides, no.

can i see what settings you’re using for your textures in unity?

I would set your filter mode to Trilinear, and set compression to none
Other than that I can’t see anything wrong here
can I see the advanced settings?

forgot how to get to the advanced settings, can you remind me please?

you just have to click here

read/write wasn’t enabled and it now works, thank you for your help!

no problem. happy to help

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