Custom survival modes

As you all know unturned has three game modes. Easy, medium and hard. And we can change these gamemodes but not everything can be changed. My suggestion is to have everything be changeable difficulty wise. And be able to upload it to the workshop (or wherever we will upload mods) for other people to play.


I like the idea of having more customization, despite the fact we already have a load of options in 3. But please, no, Do not allow this to be uploaded to the workshop.


Why not ? I don’t see a problem with posting custom difficulties as mods in the workshop. I see it as a pretty useful feature to actually have the difficulties saved as their own file, which you can upload to the workshop.

It would insanely clutter the workshop, so much dead space. You have to think about all the people that would upload their stuff. We would have as many 10x loot settings packs as we do admin alicepack mods today, even more probably.


I see the problem with this. But it would be useful if you could save them as a file.
Also if people want 10x loot it would be very easy to do it themselves so I don’t see a point to even download something like that so it would problably just be forgotten and not be seen by most people.


You are thinking too logically, this is the steam workshop we are talking about here.


what about the option of copy\pasting costum difficulty and then sharing it to your friends?


My add-on suggestion would be to either better design the Workshop’s filter settings, or to just have


Honestly just a thing you can send to friends is the best choice, even with good filters the workshop clutter would be immense.

yes, it could have some problems when it comes to the workshop as Noobyfish sayed but other then that its a good idea

To add to this it would be extremely easy to create these. If you look at maps, which are currently the easiest thing to create, you find thousands of crappy maps that all look like pei shoved through a randomizer. Not to mention there would be far less room for creativity when it comes to custom difficulty because of the amount of different things that can be done, assuming it is the same as it is now.

Isn’t creating different experiences with different pacing/challenges the point of mapmaking?

I don’t know if there would be anyone in the community who would want to spend time on even posting this. Like why would anyone care about that? There would be some here and there but people will immediately forget. That’s what i think at least.

you underestimate the steam workshop


perhaps i do

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