Custom Trees

I am trying to make custom trees for my map, but other then mookies tutorial for the old trees, I can not find any information on how to create new trees or bushes for my unturned map. Are there any good tutorials out there relating to creating custom New Trees or bushes?.

With Bushes, just take the example nelson provides and replace the texture or model. With trees just follow Mooki’s tutorial the actual Unity part starts at 20 mins.

You will need speedtree software to do that.

You actually don’t, Legacy Trees are a thing, they look much worse than speedtrees, but they exist. Oh and some maps just make fake speedtrees, Carpat’s speedtrees wern’t even made with Speedtrees. Just made in blender.

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You could retexture the speedtree example too


I think I am going to try that this week, I’ll update you if it works!

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