Custom Zombie Mesh

No, I’m not talking about custom meshes for animals. When animals start attacking you, they will follow you forever until they or you die. It would be awesome if we could have a new feature in the map editor under zombie category. You could add there your own zombie ID which would then be used in the editor from your game files.
This would add so much stuff to the modding. You could make a zombie with a bone sticking out of their hand, make custom sound effects for zombies etc.
This will also make the zombie stay within the navigation node and not following you forever. What’s your opinion on this?

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Pretty sure you could use a character mesh replacement shirt for a custom zombie model, no clue about sounds.


You can’t use custom mesh clothes on zombies. Even zoli said that it’s not possible (in the common workshop discord for unturned). That’s why I created this topic.