Customizing your hous

Now, I’m not talking about furniture here, or storage, I’m more-so talking about how your hous will look visually.

Something like a paint bucket, that can be applied to a single face of a wall, ceiling or floor. Maybe even simple wallpapers that could be found in an Unturned version of Ikea? If only someone could come-up with a name for an Unturned Ikea.

I’m not good at mega-threads, so there won’t be 8 paragraphs about different types of paint, or how a wallpaper will scrape off of a wall over time, I just think adding colours to walls would be very cool!

Or how about a chisel that gives you the ability to magically make your door different or give you a nicer floor? I don’t see the chiseled versions of doors being entirely different models, I think using normal maps would be a little limiting but more efficient and performant! And would probably be easier to implement over multiple types of wood.

Maybe custom paintings? But the banana double orange smoothie would be all over the place, so I’m not sure if that’s entirely a good idea…


Yeah i think basic colouring’s for walls and furniture could work well especially for something like a log cabin.


I literally suggested Nelson adding paint dude. Speaking of which.



Ngl this idea pretty cool

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Maybe being able to paint on your chlothes would be nice

I am a big fan of rugs, like wall rugs or bear carpets. Small things like this or what you suggested I think would be cool. All the little things like that make a game feel more whole. And could add a layer to base building even if it has nothing to do with base structure health for raiding.

Nelson said he wanted the guns to be very customizable in U2, I think having some form of customization for bases could be something cool for players as well. I know his idea to remove cosmetics has been quite controversial. But maybe it will open the door to paint our guns and house. Thats something you would never see from a triple A game today, more like something from old games that seemed to have more freedom and customization.


sliding windows.

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Who paints cloths?, I think you meant dye clothes.

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If its called that, then yes. But can you make fatigues (or camos) by dying chlothed