Cutting Down Trees With a Knife

Just another smol suggestion for UII. Another hint of realism as well as a way for people to actually cut down trees without an axe.
It’s called batoning. And it’s actually quite effective.
Basically, you use a wooden stick to smack the back of the blade, and this generates enough force to cut a notch in the wood. Rinse and repeat. By doing this, the knife will become duller and need more sharpening, but hey, it’s a nice survival mechanic that can be added.

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Mybe this could work with a knife and a baseball bat or a hammer, as a craftable item. I actually use this technique a lot.

That’s not for cutting down trees, it’s for splitting thin wood along it’s grain. If there’s a need for hewing/quartering/squaring/trimming lumber, or if you could get wood from bushes or saplings, then this could be fitting, but for cutting across the grain of a tree that has a larger radius than the length of your blade (which would include pretty much any tree in any version of Unturned) then batoning shouldn’t be used to cut it down.


I think the knife would only work as a harvesting tool for smaller objects. Like getting bark off trees or etc

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