Cyberpunk hype

This site is not fishy damn it’s just chinese youtube equivalent you can just google bilibili if you don’t believe me


What the he’ll is this ?

I’m never going to click on that link as long as I live.

I don’t trust you, and I doubt I ever will


All you’ve done is make me more curious to click the link. Curse you!

I clicked because of my reflexes :unamused:, apparently it’s an ordinary Asian website. Or it put some kind of malware on my computer and I do not know …
Oh … Okay if I suddenly disappear, you already know why it was.

The site is chinese equivalent of youtube. The video is just remake of cyberpunk trailer which I found funny :slight_smile: I can bet if discourse generated previews for this site the post would be fine but whatever.

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Websites you should know:

  • Baidu Tieba, which is the largest Chinese communication platform and is connected to the Baidu search engine
  • Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging (weibo) website and one of the biggest social media platforms in China
  • Bilibili, a video streaming website and probably the most popular ACG (anime, comics, & games) site in China

what did i just watch?

For comparison:

Im sold


Wait aj is a weeb


Well have some antibiotics from yours truly
Get that weeb ass shit out of your system

Dr. Pesky sounds like one of those “doctors” you see on an infomercial advertising essential oils.


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