Damn bro that's wack


wait isnt pineridge the like unturned 2 map


Yeah man it got cancelled that shit sucks



You absolute cretins, Pineridge is devoid of anything interesting. You’re a mother fucking fool for wanting this map into UII Beta. You’re a dumb ass hoe for thinking this map will make the game popular. Also there’s this weird yellow hobo with blue hair and the moment he saw me I blacked out and ended up in the wilderness naked.


Somebody’s just going to make a Pineridge map and put it on the steam workshop.

flashbacks to canada

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pineridge was nuked

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Flashbacks to Jade Cove, circa World Conquest #19

Sorry, I just like making references to the Jade Cove incident from Foxhole. It was a funny situation.

It sure was interesting.

Was Pine Ridge canceled? , what an unpleasant surprise, I was confused when Nelson mentioned ‘’ a survival map ‘’ and not pineridge,Now it all makes sense … on second thought would be just a beta map that would hardly be in the final version of the game, maybe one day pineridge will come back when the game is ready? would serve as a kind of ‘’ training map ‘’.

Or, as I have pointed out. Someone could make a Pineridge modded map.

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