Dangers for air travel

Why is air travel in Unturned 3.0 so very EASY? Find a jet, plane, or heli, fix it up, find some fuel, and fly it on back to your base to have an invincible method of transport (especially if you stay out of cities). So, I propose to make these few fixes to this problem for single player.

1: Engine problems.
Flying vehicles (and maybe vehicles in general) in 4.0 should have much more volatile engines, breaking down over time. The more broken down (or worn down, or used, etc.) the engine is, the more likely it is to spontaneously fail. This would even have a small chance to happen to engines in perfect condition as well. Of course, rarer planes and helicopters would obviously degrade slower, making them far more useful than just speed.

2: Automated AA.
Have flak turrets mounted in certain spots on the map (military installations) with clearly defined ranges. These ranges could be found by scavenging a gunner’s computer(?), making the ranges visible on the map. The turrets could be disabled by turning off the generators in said military installations. However, the generators should probably be in heavily infested areas to prevent you from disabling them early on.

3: Air vehicle based skills.
Adding skills you have to rank up in order to fly each different air vehicle (or vehicle) you find would balance out the worth of holding on to the same old seaplane, or hopping in the shiny new helicopter. Obviously this would benefit smart players and punish dumb players, as the skills could entail anything from how fast you barrel roll to how fast you get in and out.

Eyyy, comment what you think! If your mad at me, tell me. If you think it sucked, tell me as well. Be honest, and if this was a topic somebody else already did… I’m sorry I really didn’t know! :small_airplane:


I don’t like the idea of AA guns. Flying in Unturned is already a risk because you’re basically showing the entire server where you’re heading and maybe the direction to your base. Moreover, you’re susceptible to high caliber fire.


I am referring to singleplayer. Possibly servers could have an option in settings to have them removed or disabled in the first place. But yes, they have no place in multiplayer

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Dang it, forgot that part. In single-player it sounds interesting, not gonna lie

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Multiplayer you have players that serve as roaming AA because they have nothing better to do.


I like the topic and the engine problems and air vehicle based skills part of your idea. The AA seems more a PvP thing but flak seems mostly unrealistic. When was the last time you saw a functioning flak cannon anywhere? Today it’s SAM (Surface-to-Air-Missle)batteries and such sites are not meant to run automated. They would likely be non functional post-cataclysim without hooking in an industrial generator.

As a PvP idea, hooking up SAM batteries to a generator then placing a base within that air defence, would be pretty interesting if base building wasn’t nullified by PvP play to begin with. I like Nelsons current direction in that he’s focusing on PvE. That said, when he gets around to 4.x PvP I think your automated AA idea would be a cool addition (so long as it doesn’t mess with the PvE game :stuck_out_tongue: ).


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Well that’s issue #1.

Unturned is primarily a multiplayer game so you must immediately take that into account.

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SAMs actually seemed like less of a fit than flak. My point is, the flak would be restricted to a radius around the base. SAMs would not be restricted, and could follow you for quite a while. This could be problematic if you go in the zone for a short time. Also, SAMs would be about 4 shots then it’s gone. You could exploit that, turning the risk of going into the base to turn the thing off unnecessary. That’s why automated flak would be more of a fit. Also, I never went into why the flak would be there in the story.

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Perhaps the flak could be less damaging/frequent in multiplayer?

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Depends on what you mean by fit. If by ‘fit’ does it match your original idea and purpose? I dunno about all that. If by ‘fit’ you mean realism, then SAMs are they way to go. Flak stopped being used in the 50’s and were always a manned weapon (not requiring electricity nor capable of automation). It would be weird to the extreme to see them in a military installation sporting HK G36 and Remington AR-15 knock-offs just to grant a vision of a limited radius, automated AA system. Does not compute, champ.

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Infinite SAMs? Interesting.

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I think for certain high level deadzones this could actually be really interesting, and therefore restricting you from bringing in a helicopter with crates on it to airlift loot out.

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Oh hey Bistan

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I’d be fine with this, though you don’t clarify how engines would be repaired.


If the controls are complex, they should be just that, not simplified to the point that artificial skills are needed to balance them.

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Considering modern AA you will probably get sniped by a rocket across the map whilst flying.

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