Dango Streetwear Jacket oddity

One of my characters wears all the Dango set since I bought the full package, but recently the Jacket does no longer cover the Military Vest like it used to in the past. I also have Samurai, Guan Yu, Shuge Liang and Lu Bu skins, all these ones do not display the Vest over the costumes, something did broke the Dango top.


The Dango Streetwear Jacket is a shirt cosmetic, meaning it will go over and hide tops, hoodies, etc. The Samurai Dou vest and Guan Yu armor as you mentioned are vest cosmetics, meaning they go over and hide vests like the military vest.


Ah thanks, I just realized I forgot to equip the belt to cover the armor. Every time the game resets my characters inventory I freak out.

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