Day counter

Basically in the server and in the server list you would see how many days the server has been up (number would go higher every unturned day obviously) since last wipe it could be great for finding servers that are new


Sure, why not.

Sounds good.

honestly when I saw this I got a completely different idea what this could mean simply based off the title. Now I think it would be cool if we had a type of “diary” in the menus that has stats per day such as the amount of zombies killed, ammo used, crafting done, kilometers walked and so on.

Then again that’s just me stretching simple ideas so back on the topic of a day counter, sure why the f*** not?
good question

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I think that this already exists in some way when I log in the game some times it writes the number of my depths I think that this would be awesome to be added in the loading screen but in side the game I don’t fully agree.

Basically it would be strange

You misunderstood the post. You are talking about the game telling you how many times you have died overall. They are asking for a counter added to the server list (and in the server) showing how long the server has existed.

Both what @Pineapple suggested and you suggested would be a fine QOL addition to the game.

Most likely will never be added to Unturned, servers need to restart all the time for maintenance and upgrades. This is easy to do with a RocketMod plugin though.

Day counters saves every restarts but it resets every wipe

Ie delete the data files in the servers directory

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