Dead body turns to zombie

Looting bodies would all be the same but when you die will there be a chance your body becomes a zombie and you have to kill the zombie to get your loot back.

Some criteria for when you die to become a zombie: 1 didn’t die from any explosions. 2 did not get shot in the head. 3 did not drown or catch on fire.

It would be cool to see when your character dies that they become a zombie.

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Isn’t it basically this (Turned versions of players that have their gear)

I think it should be guaranteed. A slightly penalty for dying against zombies.


Note: This is a confirmed feature, as Yarrrr was able to point out.


Source: SDG Wiki


So are the turned zombies or not? I thought they where the same thing

Yes. Zombies are the most common form of the Turned. Turned is a wider umbrella term used to describe all the infected beings that are present in the world of Unturned II (including some that aren’t quite of humanoid form), but in every other version from 3.0 and past, “the turned” specifically refers to zombies.

This logic even applies to the title of the game itself, as it’s called Unturned because you haven’t turned into a zombie (though the actual origin of the title Unturned itself is surprising and quite interesting if you’re willing to research it).

Can I fix the title?

i feel like this doesn’t make sense
so, living people are supposed to get infected by this virus and get “turned” into zombies?
and so are dead bodies?

that just seems really weird, they’re literally called the “turned”
perhaps it only happens if you got attacked by a zombie and died from your wounds, except you didn’t actually “die”, you just got turned into a zombie, and then respawn at the beach, and the geared zombie version of you also exists

That was literally the intention this entire time…

Except for this time:


Well regardless, what I actually meant is that a similar feature to this suggestion has been confirmed for months, and said confirmed feature involves this:

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