I’d recommended you to script the game in Python 2.7 because:
A - it runs on every platform
B - it runs very fast
C - there are WAY more programmers working with it.
D - It is very quickly moving into the role of one of the most used languages.

Also syntax is not that hard, and is very flexible.

Oh also most c# and c++ methods are ported into python.


Pygame? 10

Very interesting…

nO gOD

please no




Lmao :joy:

Some big lore changes incomin’! Can y’all guess how it will change?:smiley:

The game has changed massively, i think i will make a new post about it.

That actually reminds me of something the Soviets did to a handful of prisoners of war- put them on an island with only a few bags of flour, and they started eating each other and killing each other. A real life battle-royale scenario, if you will.

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