Deathblow will be an Thriller Survival RPG with some battle-royale elements.

What’s the game about?
You are a prisoner of a futuristic communist country which has sent you to an arena.
Every arena/round will be procedurally generated and will have it’s own procedually generated story.

What do i mean by story? The focus of Deathblow are NPC’s which they will have emotions too.
They will seek for food, water, loot…ecc. They will interact with other NPC’s and you making little groups, deciding if attack or spare someone, create friendships, make enemies and remember you and other NPC’s.

This is a passion project, and currently we are seeking for people to develop this little game with us.
We are searching for:

-Coder (C#)

-Pixel artist

-Voice actor (Male with a deep voice)

Some progress we made:





And other animations which i can’t upload. Enter this Discord server if you are interested or want to see the game being developed.


Sounds like gulag.

But with extra steps.
Nevertheless, looks pretty interesting.


Yeah, it’s basically a gulag.


Glory to Artstotzka.




that was my main ispiration!


Don’t worry, it’s not a Fortnite or PUBG wanna be, the battle toyale is not the main focus.


Ah, very nice then


Great idea. Hopefully it wont get abandoned like reign of kings. Because it has potential.


I will not abbandon it, but when i finish to add new content i will not update it anymore (unless there are more bugs and glithces to fix), every week i may release a small update with like 1 new gun or clothing, and every month or two i will release a major one.
After finishing this game i will draw a comic or write a book.
Also im working on a second game wich i am the concept artist.


Why not c++ programmer xxxxxdDDD


Cause there are more C# programmers around. And it’s more easy.


xd why not make game in windows batch way easier