Debuggers berets

Are they still giving debuggers berets and if so i have a lot of game breaking glitches. i could explain more about the glitches but for now i wont you can contact me through discord cucuycharles#8115 and ask question thanks for reading

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It is still possible to obtain a debugger’s beret, but the glitches in question must be several major flaws in the game or its code. We’re not talking minor, run of the mill bugs.

I would recommend emailing Nelson about the glitches and provide as much details and evidence as you can.


i have tired multiple times and just been getting ignored

You’re not being ignored, logically think about how many emails Nelson probably gets on a regular basis. It would appear you haven’t even waited a full day and you already expect a response. Try giving it a few more days.


not only emails twitter, youtube comments, forums and yt videos since june i understand his busy but he has to by now seen one of my comments or emails

YouTube and Twitter aren’t very good places to put feedback. They often get buried by tons of low-quality comments or other jargon that’s irrelevant, which is not necessarily the most encouraging thing to comb through. The SDG Forums and his email are the only two reliable inputs in my opinion.

Nelson is probably too busy to see every report regardless, and there’s not really ever a guarantee of anyone getting the Debugger’s Beret. It’s often a side motivation as opposed to the actual desire to make the game better.

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the reason why i ask about the debuggers beret is because i work hard in making these glitches and i would like something to show for it one of the glitches took months to make and yes there are a lot of dumb comments on his twitter youtube but he did say we could contact him on the forums or twitter

I can’t find any forum posts you have in the past, made on any of the official forums for Unturned.

this is the first one i only did twitter first and yt and now the forums

That explains it - Nelson looks at YT comments once in a blue moon.

If that was your main method of communication, it was a questionable one at best.

At least you took the time to try the SDG Forums and email now, I guess? All we can do now is wait.

Hopefully he can contact me about these glitches and would love to work on more in the future

The beret is just a bonus, you shouldn’t have to get it to keep posting bugs. Other than that I’m not entirely sure that it’s still obtainable, if my memory doesn’t fail me the last person out of the 10 that have it got it over a year ago. Since 3.0 isn’t really the same priority for Nelson as what it was prior the beginning of Unturned II development, I wouldn’t be surprised that “rewards” aren’t given any longer.

makes sense

Apologies if I didn’t reply on twitter/email/etc - typically if it’s the sort of bug report that a lot of players are sending in or something trivial like weird ragdoll pose there isn’t time to reply to all of them, but for big reports I try to reply to all.

It’s tricky with the debuggers beret because I want to make sure it remains a substantial achievement. I originally added it because some players were doing some serious digging into complex bugs e.g. some network perf stuff, serverside stability and I wanted to reward that help, as opposed to players who are specifically trying to get the hat.


Irrelevant, but for some reason when I read this, I pictured Nelson looking at several pictures of T-poses that players sent him.

That said, it’s comforting to know that we have a developer that is always actively trying to keep in touch with the community.


You know my gamebreaking glitch is that when you fall from the skybox with cosmetics/items protruding from your body, and you get back to ground level and find your “body”

You’ll only find a husk of floating headbands, beards, vests, as if worn by a invisible person.


Debug barret required. ob

but really

Thanks for patrolling these forums, it means a lot to us.

I have 2 ways to go in visible and god in any sever and others

Just a heads up, /vanish and /god are Rocket commands. Unless the bug is exceptionally severe, it should be impossible to go invisible/enable godmode even as an admin in vanilla.

If the bug is Rocket related, you should contact the Rocket devs and not Nelson, since Rocket is third-party.

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The glitch does that i dose not relate to rocket mods

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Is there anywhere that we can talk privately about these glitches.

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