Decal Tutorial

Confusing ya I know

In words

Unity3d Part:
Open Unity
Import Image
Rename it to decal if it’s not already
Tick sRGB Color Texture
Make Alpha Source Input Texture Alpha
Tick Alpha is Transparent
Bundle using the tool that Nelson provides

Once Bundled:

Name Name of decal

Type Decal
ID # Number
Decal_X # Width
Decal_Y # Length
Decal_LOD_Bias 1

Asset_Bundle_Version 2

Final Product in the files

Final Product in-game (the blocky edges are from testing they should look like normal following the above)

This is what i mean

What yours should look like

Add me on steam if you have questions

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What is this used for, again?
Besides making smoother edges

This is just a tutorial on how to add Decals to the game, because a lot of people don’t already know how to.


Cool even if i dont know what i watch is stil useful thx

The main goal for this tutorial is to make decals the last part was what someone pointed out to me on discord

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