Decisions you make affect the world

Y’all seen that game coming out next year? Where one decision can change most if what happens? (ex. From that game. Killing some guys causes a group to take over, making a deal with the guys causes most people to start working together, but more enemies show)

So say this, helping one faction gets the power turned in throughout the map, helping the other faction will get you loads of weapons, but you miss the opportunity to make it a lot easier to see during the night.

Say, you see a trader caravan or something. You decide not to kill them/rib them, and say… The faction your more closely sided with gets more set up (building materials, ect) but if you kill them, something major will happen.

Basically, decisions you make will change what happens throughout the world. (obviously this would be single-player only btw)

What do y’all think?

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Faction wars could be cool, but lots of intensive programming would be required to make it work; maybe it could make it’s way into Unturned 4.x, but don’t count on it.

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Yeah, Dying Light 2 will have this system and it looks pretty good/fun in my opinion but maybe it work could in Unturned II multiplayer? It would most likely have an option to turn it off. Maybe every player have some sort of impact and actual wars could maybe break out between factions? There could be high value player targets and such that each faction might want you to get rid of for them making large impacts. It sounds kinda eh but it’s just a suggestion.

Honestly I’d rib a caravan. You can never have enough BBQs in the apocalypse, it helps build morale in the ruins of society (which in all seriousness would be a cool feature if I described it more, probably something more suited for a story mode or something).

We can get copyright by telltale from that kind of decision.

That’s like saying you can get copyright claimed by Kraft for making home-made mac and cheese.

I forgot to put in the /s.

Although, I’m still concerning that people will say shitz like “is this telltale games?” “is unturned II telltale games’s ripoff?” and so fourth.

Just like that red-cross copyright thread.

You could already have mutually exclusive NPC factions and questlines that reward you with weapons or turn on lights (though I’m pretty certain the code for that lighthouse quest was fairly wonky) in 3.X, so that part isn’t that big of a deal to me, but whether or not there are wandering NPC caravans that you can do combat with does seem like a pretty big decision.

Unturned II is gonna be focusing on multiplayer
Though this is a very good idea, but it’s a LOT of work for Nelson to do alone.

not going to happen. it would be fun tho. if the nelson will make actual survivor NPCs ( or atleast ready NPC base, if someone wanted to do NPC-related plugin ), not static models ( lmao ) scattered in a single location, then i can see this happening

This is one of those cool ideas that like other people have stated, probably won’t happen. I don’t think its so much of a “couldn’t happen” as a “not the focus of unturned” thing though.

I have a fairly good grip on coding and have worked at some game companies in the past, and I believe a programming powerhouse like Nelson could definitely do it, but it would distract from other things he could make.

Also when it comes to comparing it to Dying Light 2 I think Nelson would have to program it a different way than them. From what I understand Dying Lights system is kind of premade and then if you meet the requirements it will set the strength/power/influence of a faction accordingly. Because Unturned 2 isn’t a single storyline and will have lots of different playstyles and maps in the interests of time it would have to be a lot simpler.

tl;dr: I think it would be cool, and it probably is doable, but in terms of opportunity cost isn’t worth it. :disappointed_relieved:

Just to let everyone know, I defiantly don’t mean as advanced as dying light. (if that even is the correct game)

I mean just a few decisions could do this.

Ex. Choosing a faction let’s that faction eventually become slightly more powerful, taking down a caravan changes some stuff and it stops traveling through there every day, ect.

I never really meant on such a scale as dying light xd, sorry if it seemed that way.

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