Dedicated Server Desync - Buak and A6 Polaris

I have been hosting a dedicated LanServer for my cousins and brothers, but anytime we play Buak or A6 my cousins seems to have desync issues. We have troubleshooted firewall settings, hamachi, port forwarding, and reinstalling the game. My cousin does not live very far away, and my brother (on the same network provider) can play just fine from a different physical location. I have tried using a InternetServer but the desync causes my cousin to be banned for anticheat, and the LanServer has the same lag, but it won’t kick him. I have been scouring the internet, and would appreciate any help. Also, my cousins have no problem playing those maps on public servers. Thanks!

**We have played Russia, Arid, Monolith, Alpha Valley, and Hawaii with no issues. only A6 Polaris and Buak cause issues. We played in order: Russia → Monolith → Alpha Valley → Hawaii → Buak (issues here) → Arid → A6 Polaris (issues here)


High latency won’t cause a ban from anti-cheat, it gives a different response when it kicks you.

I don’t have any solutions to offer, but it could be either very poor internet or running the server on a computer that can’t keep up with it.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-cores, 32gb of ddr4, installed on ssd, and 3060ti. Running both game and server on the same pc.

The server runs on network 1 which is worse than network 2, but a person on network 3 has no issues. A person on network 2 has issues.

So its not the server’s internet, but the trouble network has really good connection.


Doesn’t seem to be your computer at least, do they have issues with joining other servers or only yours?

Only my server when we play those specific maps. My cousin just started his own server with the map and player data (We used dropbox to transfer the data) and now I was having the desync problem. I keep getting BattleEye not responding, but we disabled it and still having desync problems. I can swap to my knife, see that I changed main hand on my cousin’s screen share, but on my screen I still have a parachute out and fall instantly instead of glide.

I think I figured it out. I only had one port forwarded, I opened 27016 as well as 27015 and my cousin did not seem to have any issues for an hour last night.

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