Defense systems

First of all, I think Sentries need a small buff in their health. Because needing a bunch of items just to make 1 and have it all destroyed by a few shots from a “Dragon” is kind of unbalanced. Tho the rest is just fine.

However, I do suggestion adding CCTV’s or an alarm system that goes well with my previous post regarding the wiring and the gas usage.

CCTV’s are cameras that can be placed on walls. They need to be powered by a gen.
Now some people mighy be asking “is it gonna record hours and hours and hours watching until you find out that a naked punched your wall?”
Here’s how it’s gonna work. When equipped (but not deployed yet), you can see a red circle around it. Kinda like the range of the generator is represented with yellow. This circle will represent the record zone. When someone who’s not in your group steps inside the record zone, the camera will start recording. If it gets shot, it disappears and whoever is watching it will recieve a static image. Now for the most important part… HOW will we actually use it? Well, I have a few solutions. If none are to your liking, then you can suggest a a solution. But, my suggestions are that when the cam is shot, it stays there, but a little bent. When the player presses “F” on it, it will show multiple tabs of recording which are everytime a person stepped into the record zone. You can also see the duration of the recorded video which can help the person tell between “just a bystandard” or “an actual raider”. The recorded videos are sorted longest “longest record”

As for the sentries, they have the same thing. A red circle that causes them to activate when someone steps in. But of course, the range is far bigger than a CCTV. This will help save a lot of fuel instead of wasting 5MW (see my other post) which wastes more energy.

I think the sentries are just fine, with their current health they reward good placements and shotgun usage.

CCTV’s would still be pointless because what good is seeing someone raid your base when you don’t even know their name? Sure you may have what they look like but that’s negated by the fact that:
A) Balaclavas and hats exist.
B) You can just change what you look like with cosmetics and the character customization screen.

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:thinking: Make it so it shows the name of the player, similar to when you normally hover over a person at close-range? I feel like manually operated cameras would be cooler than automatic ones, but that might just be me.

I kinda get what he’s going for though. On vanilla/mostly-vanilla Hawaii you can only get Rangefinders from one source, and it is incredibly rare to ever get a sentry up. That’s more of just a map balance thing though.

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i think that an amoo inventory in sentry’s wil be good(if the gun of the sentry is empty the turret will reload with the amoo that you put into the sentry ammo inventory