Dehydrated Water

bla bla bla

Gnawing on one of these bad boys right now. What can I say? It tastes like a tin can, but nothing like either dehydration or water.

But hey it’s only $6.00 + shipping so I won’t complain too much.

I’m a fan of the color scheme though. It makes this conversation starter seem like a real culinary product.

Speaking of conversation starters, I found this question in a list of conversation starters: What projects are you working on? (I’m helping get a downed trees cleaned up.)

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Online life -

  • Community /w boyfriend
  • Chill

Real life -

  • B&W Photography 7-Photograph Panorama Image

1972 Olds’ Cutlass Supreme Convertible (350 block not the 330 :grin:). Got it running earlier this month for the first time in a few years and actively replacing parts, want to keep it as stock as original bit might use 442 parts just keep it an automatic. Gonna be replacing brake pads and rotors later this week as well as oil and gas filters.

not really a project, but finding a job.

I had one before that i worked for a short time, but it was a little too lackluster in safety for working minimum wage full time. Plus, it was just… terrible. not gonna go into detail but heavy weight + unsafe working enviroment + freezing all day = Fuck you, i’m leaving.

Mind you i rather listen to karen bitch at me for not treating her special for having kids While working retail than get crippled for life by frozen meat (sorry for small rant, just pissed about my old job obvs.)

Trying to sort out my academics for the upcoming school year.

Everything else isn’t a “project” but rather something to pass time while I wait for the deadline.

something something candyland something something schoolwork


Nothing, my existence is futile and my purpose is nothing. I do similar things every day and stuff.
Actually right now I’m getting back to Melbourne so that’s what I’m doing. I’m in New Zealand :new_zealand: Wellington.

I’m planning on starting up a brackish paludarium in the coming weeks to house red claw crabs so I finally have a place to send my livebearers.

That’s an impressive way to say salty fish tank.

Been trying to work on map project(s), but it’s hard to find the time with balancing “school related” things, video games and them at the same time

  1. Studying my ass off because I’ve been slacking in most of my classes
  2. Recently finished running tech for my last high school play, pretty sad that it’s over, lots of fun has been had.
  3. Planning summer with the boyz
  4. Painting window frames, they are peeling and it looks ugly.

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