Delay Before Showing Nametag


Currently in Unturned the simple act of hovering the cursor over a player reveals a name tag, however this has serious implications especially regarding the concept of camouflage, as certain clothings sets such as the ghillie sets are almost useless and never used compared with other sets. The solution is one that can just as easily be implemented in #unturned:unturned-3 just as easily as #unturned-4, which is requiring that the player hold the cursor on a player for, say, five seconds before the nametag appears.

Not only would this greatly increase the effectiveness of camouflage clothing and skills such as actually making the ghillie set a viable set of clothing beyond long range, it would also add a new layer of difficulty in minigames such as hide and seek or maybe even prop hunt, allowing the game to be more realistic without sacrificing certain elements that are still necessary in a multiplayer game.

What do you think? Should a short delay be implemented in both the current version of Unturned as well as the upcoming one? Please leave thoughts and concerns below.


I’ve never noticed this but ok.:neutral_face:


I like the delay in name tags appearing
Although, i do think this should be editable on servers, or even options to turn off name tags entirely.

i think i literally just said what you were saying


this would improve pvp and stealth 100%


wearing certain clothes should hide your name tag, and if you kill someone, and the server has the kill shower plugin, it should hide it there as well.
This would also work for rp.