Demo glitches

Aloha my fellow younglings. I would like to make a quick feedback for the updated demo. (I will provide pictures when Im home. Hopefully I wont foget this time)

  1. The rifle is stuck to your hand when you’ve equipped it and interact with the car (turning on and off)
  2. The rifle occupies the hands so much that I can steer without using hands.
  3. Shooting while driving in 3rd person broke both the front wind shield and the back, which means the bullet came from the camera rather than the model/rifle itself.

I would suggest a hotkey to dequip your weapon. And if the player has a weapon equipped, they are not allowed to interact with the car besides going forward or back. The only exceptions are one-handed melee weapons. Otherwise, one-handed ranged weapons will only allow you to steer, hand brakes are not allowed.

What do you guys think?


From the blog:

On the firing range now, however there aren’t any limitations in place yet to prevent using two-handed weapons while driving.

In the future, you’ll only be able to drive with one-handed weapons.


The bullet does cone from the barrel, since the gun sticks through the windscreen in third person, it shoots through both. If you fire backwards in first person, then it doesnt break.

The bullet does seem to be coming from the camera. You can shoot yourself in third-person, and shoot players standing behind you.

What Nelson does in third-person is that if line-of-sight is blocked you can’t fire. This doesn’t work for stopping weird shenanigans in all scenarios.

Oh. Well, the bullet still come from the gun in first person though correct?


The above doesn’t hit the player, and the below hits the Hatchback, so I’d assume not.

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happiness noises

But yeah, the bullet comes out the tip of the muzzle, so if the barrel is clipping through an object and the muzzle is poking out the other side, you wont hit anything


Tbh, I’d rather have things set up so that the muzzle being blocked would prevent the weapon from being fired entirely. (This is just personal preference though)

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It’s kinda hard to code a movable object to be used as an obstacle, especially when it comes to when the muzzle (a section of an additional 3D model) is blocked off. Hard, but do-able

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“It’s a Feature”

Oh. Ok.

Speaking of objects blocking guns, it’s in EFT? i think where guns can get caught and wrapped around objects, so pistols and other short guns are good in enclosed indoor spaces rather than long hunting rifles and such which get stuck. Could just make it so when you get too close to a wall you raise the gun (Present in devlog 2 right?) and the length of the gun effects the range and happens, and when the gun is raised you can’t fire. Not just where your crosshair is pointing, it’s and “AoE” type of thing.

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If the way weapons are held were to be affected by nearby objects, this could allow for automatic leaning, peeking over and bracing weapons against cover, and better indications that something is within melee range or close enough to use a nailgun on (although survivors would probably prefer to use nailguns without the safety mechanism, or build muzzle devices to disable it.)

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How about you can shoot, but it gits the ceiling

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Seems a little unnecessary, but if weapons are a physical object in the world like in devlog 2 and not a superimposed sprite like say CoD, and bullets physically came from the muzzle, then it’d probably be easy to do and in that case sure.

Guy is standing close to a wall for cover. He starts prefiring before he peeks around the corner, so he shoots into the sky. He goes back to reload. His own bullets come raining back down on his head.

To counteract toxic prefire kiddos.

i want some optimisation because is runs poorly

Perhaps not playing with a toaster would help.

its expensive plus i live in the 3RD world so its MORE EXPENSIVE