Derker noghts 2 pert .5

Seh yer get a slider thet allows ye to change blightness bet et only luts yeh change to eh certain bretness end once bar ez all way to de right yeh cant seh moar then 2 fet in frint ov you. En da gem shud beh extremely derk in beldiungs and scerey.
(Clap for the terrible april fools joke BUT this does have some relevance to the post im going to make, just I made myself sound like an idiot xd) Happy easter and April fools everyone and have a good day.
Kylie and Burger_Time managed to translate ot, if bot properly then close.
What I meant was for a brightness slider ingame, like another post I saw related to my darker nights post. Basically tye brightness slider could make the game pretty dark but not terrifying when low, and absolutely horror game dark when in buildings when on darkest setting. I will go more into details on the actual post once im back on pc.

English, please.

We really can’t understand a word you said

It was an april fools joke, Ill make the actual post tomorrow or something xd, plus it was always in the memes section

No offense, but what you call an “april fools joke” is dumb because it isn’t a prank, it’s just irritating. A good prank is fooling somebody into thinking something is something like the whole “operation pine ridge” thing, not trying to piss people off directly.

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English please

Should i be worried that I could read this all on first try? ._.

Basically he’s talking about a brightness slider that “makes everything spooky and dark” if I’m not mistaken

Ooooh. I think I can translate it!
It’s something like
We need a slider that allows us to change brightness but it only lets us change to certain brightness and once bar is all way to the right we cant see more than 2 feet in front of you. It should be extremely dark in buildings and scary.

Good jobs, you two did the impossible. And yes, that is what the real post is going to be about. So good job guys xd

As I said before, the screwed up words is meant as an april fools joke. Ill make the actual post today or wednesday.

Oh really? Anything can be a joke, from terribly misspelled words to jokes about whats going to happen in a game. It shouldnt be serious and should always mention it was a joke.