Designs on clothing

Hopefully in 4.0 we can find different designs on clothing.Since in 4.0 there wont be any cosmetics why not find cosmetics in the map.
Example: find a t-shirt saying PEI on it or having a Zombie face on it or finding camo hat or pants or something. Basically giving clothes variety
In 3.0 there is no designs on clothes and it makes it feel kind of boring. All the shirts in 3.0 have 1 color.


Technically they have 10 colors but whatever. If each piece of clothing has a random color and random design (for like t-shirts and hats or anything that makes sense) that would be pretty cool.

Textile variation is already a thing in 4.X. Clothing will be found with different designs and/or colors. Sights will also be found with different reticles and colors.


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