I think there should be larger destructible things, such as water towers and fuel tanks, that can explode when they’re destroyed. Such as, with a water tower, when destroyed water would flow oit everywhere, fuel tanks would explode and burn, and grain silos would drop grain everywhere. Obviously these things would respawn after a time, but maybe you get an xp boost for destroying big things, or extra xp if you kill zombies by using items from the environment.


I like the idea of destruction, but not of farming it for XP. I think large scale destruction should be done to clear paths, create new paths, block paths, create cover, remove cover, open sightlines, block sight lines, access hidden areas, catch enemies in explosions or under falling objects, create a distraction and/or just create a spectacle, but not to get easy XP.


The water tank idea sounds laggy

Not like, heaps of XP, but if you used it to kill zombies in an innovative way or something then you could get a bit more XP for it than if you just, say, killed them normally.

Not really. Not if the water’s not covered in shaders and shinyness and effects and whatever, just if it looks like a normal effect.

The effect itself sounds like it would have to compute the physics of the water, no?

Because water can’t just phase through whatever’s in its path, and also because water will actually have physics in UII?

I just mean it to look like a kinda subtle, flat effect. Not like, actual physical water. (do you kinda know what i’m saying or do i sound like a raving madman)

Water physics will become very light in terms of performance when you compute it on the gpu.

Destruct fuel tanks to attract zombies there could be an interesting way to clear a path .

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