Devblog 18


i got you all didn’t i

The #memes tag is a wonderful thing.

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it was originally #unturned-4

but was changed for obvious reasons

but people aren’t going looking in categories, they’re looking through there notifications

Why not just make a meme thread dedicated to Devblog 18 memes?

Oh wait that’s what the people in #unturned-4 are doing

D e v :b: l o g

Kill yourself.

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You fucking piece of shit

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Did you really fell for it??


Yes. 10 characters

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YES! I knew somebody would fall for it!

I didn’t get fooled idiots :sunglasses: :sudan:
but since panda got fooled


And when I saw devlog 18 in the notification thing. I still thought it was the real devlog 18

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