Developing map "bASE" N.1

developing map

is a small map, for testing my skills as a map creator.


I spot an Italian flag :eyes:

and like said below, the map is hella green holy fuck


my eyes

they burn every day

the green corruption of my eyeballs is all too familiar




It’s so green I make make a greenscreen out of it.

In all seriousness, It’s looks “good”. Be careful with the amount of details you’ll have to put in later though.

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It looks very very bright
But if those buildings are actual objects and not compound then you might have something here
Something I’d suggest is toning down the green of the grass a little bit and reducing the amount of flowers


jesus tone down the color, you’re gonna make somebody go blind!

As everyone has already said, make it less… Blinding. Besides that the map looks neat. Those buildings definitely ain’t compound, and if you made em your self, they look nice. Also the Italian flag, doesn’t really look like Italy but it’s still an interesting map regardless.

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perhaps make your own materials to reduce the amount of greenness

the map is in Italy, the base is incomplete (in Italy there are both ancient and recent buildings in this case the base is since the 80s )
I know, the materials are blinding, I’ll fix it.
I’ve created (with blender and unity) the models, roads, etc…

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Really nice work on those buildings, they look really unique. How far along into development is this?

I agree that its way to green.
Pretty easy fix though, just switch the roofs to red(complemts green) and if you really want to go the extra mile put in trees with a darker shade of leaves and brown wood.

in the time things will do, but to finish the map it will take a while.

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