[Devkit/Editor] I need expert help from map makers

Heya, I’ve recently picked up an old map on the workshop that was abandoned (last update was in 2016)
and me and my sister have been playing it recently, but because it’s so old, it’s so outdated, so I unlocked the map and started editing it myself and started adding to the map, one thing lead to another and I ended up taking up remastering this map, with new item spawns, locations and even quests.

I’ve come across some problems though, some walls, if you like. The two main problems I’m having is this: The Teleporter and Custom NPCs, I need to see if it’s possible to make the teleporter work on a custom map, since there is literally nothing on the internet (apart from one guide which didn’t help) that tells me how to do this. I also need an npc that will activate a “kill zombie” mission, but being so novice with custom npcs, having 5 “Asset” files open all at once in NP++ is really disorienting and I need help with that too. Is there anyone here that can help me? Or is there some sort of unturned map maker discord that I could join? It’s in my best interest to make this map better and updated, and I want it to be perfect. Thank you in advance.

TL;DR - I need help with the teleporter and an npc that activates a kill zombie mission. Also is there an unturned map making discord I can join to seek further help?


Anyone? Can someone at least point me in the right direction?

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mate i’m not fuckin doc from back to the future


The teleporter technically does work but you need to know how to use the devkit.
after you learn that I’d take a look at Spyjacks tale of terror guide


Thank you! Is this the same Spy who made Spy’s objects on the workshop?


yes, it is

I love that mod!

Cool. What about the NPCs? Again, I need a nuclear boss to spawn once I activate a mission, but the online tutorials are way too hard to follow because people normally show off vendors rather than zombie kill quests in the tutorials.

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I have no knowlege of npcs, so I can’t help you there. I’d take a look at some of the Unturned Guides for quests rather than just npcs in general though

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