Devkit Spawnpoint

2nd qusetion here we go

So I’ve been wanting to get this spawnpoint thing in the devkit working, but I can only seem to get it working in singleplayer

It’s for an RP map I’m working on

Could you please be more descriptive with the issue if there is one? Or is this plainly a question on how to get the spawns set up? As mentioned prior, if messing around with devkit causes problems, you can always just place spawns in the legacy editor.

Also welcome back Nuc!

if you are truly nuclear, then who led the Great Kreml?

oh no, answer out here, it’s quite alright
EDIT: nevermind, he actually delivered, it’s the real nuclear

Hey it’s the Utah man


Welcome back!

it’s a question on how to get it working

I joined Torqs’s discord and asked him, but he really didn’t explain it well for my smol brain

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