Devlog #017

Includes some beta info, a small Q&A and plans on what’s going to be done next. Some technical stuff at the end for those interested


It’s always cool to see some technical stuff in the devblogs :slight_smile:





Why did you link us P9nda’s video about Unturned ll

Wait, since p9nda uploaded a video, Can I stream the game?

Im curious,

Several videos have been made, P9nda even streamed the game for a bit today.

Yes, Nelson just did not post the video on the Blog because he thought that content creators would do it better.

because it was the only one I found.

PSJ did one

Aj I know it has nothing to do but I saw your live stream from unturned II could you tell me the specs of your computer? Just to get a doubt.

I sent them to you on the channel

very cool.

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