Devlog # 20 final considerations

The devlog was awesome, amazing.

About the weapons
More will be added in the future but it was a lot of fun to shoot with a new sniper rifle, the sound is the same as the timber wolf and there is no problem in that.

About integration of members of comunity.

Now finally the demos are practically open (for Regular for now) until I even received one key.

About performance.
For a game that is in such an early stage not to problems in it being poorly optimized for now, though it will take a lot of work to achieve the goal of having better performance than 3 and still support higher graphics but this is already expected optimization is not something that is done in 2 days.

About the locking system.
Now finally we have a system of electronic passwords in safes, which means that it will be possible to open chests of other players without needing to be thrown directly in the chest, you only need to know the password of the safe (well it is really difficult actually) and also the some with keys I can already imagine I entering a police station looking for a key to get a gun…


It would be useful if you posted your specs and game settings whenever you have concerns about optimization.

Try out the flatmap in Unturned 3 which has nothing but a flat ground and compare it to the II Private Beta. Using a 1080ti and a Ryzen 7 1800x I get around 200 fps on the flatmap (everything low) and 600 on the II Beta. I think its safe to say that theres a huge difference in performance already.


intel hd 520
Ram 4gb
i3 6006u 2.00 ghz not back 3.0 in 1366 768 is at 28 and 30 fps, since I had an average of 18 to 21 fps, everything in the low

Here Nelson claims that II is a bottleneck in the GPU and was working to resolve, I think the problem continued, since, performance on weak gpus is bad.

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You use a old intergrated GPU of course you are gonna get bad FPS. Also how much FPS did you get because I had no problems


What I’m concerned is about manual bolting. Although this is a good mechanic for balancing powerful sniper rifles, it would really hurt entry-level weapons such as bolt action and lever action hunting rifles, as well as ruining certain aspects of guns such as the Lee-Enfield being faster than other bolt actions and lever actions just being faster in general. On the other hand, it would be really inconsistent to limit manual bolting to just higher-powered rifles.

I really don’t know how to feel about this.

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What would be ruined about that – couldn’t you still just have certain weapons be faster?

the issue is that it performs worse than 3o which is the opposite that other people claim even though being a bad card has a sufficient catch in 3.0

Yes, you could, but that’s still a massive blow to rate of fire, given that you essentially have to perform three actions to fire two shots. With manual bolting, you’ve eliminated fast-firing bolt-actions completely, and instead just made slow and slower weapons.

This also brings up the problems of firerate on other manually-operated firearms. What about slam-firing on shotguns? Fanning the hammer on single-action revolvers?

Now, it could be argued that manual bolting is akin to another mechanic, burst delay, however that is different in that without it, all burst guns would almost always be better than auto guns if you knew how to burst correctly. However, this mechanic is different in that you’re nerfing the underdog. Any chance that a player armed with a manually operated repeater has in close quarters against an automatic or even a semiautomatic weapon is all but gone as the player physically cannot do enough damage fast enough, unless of course the other player has potato aim and manages to miss an entire magazine.

Although the mechanic in of itself is more realistic, you really have to consider the implications this has on the overall meta. By including manual operation, you’re sending a message to every player that auto and semi guns are automatically (excuse the pun) better than a manually operated one. This in turn also affects how gunfights are going to work. Players with the superior weapon are now almost always going to rush the slower-firing weapon simply because they can deal out more damage faster, and this in turn brings up the problem of geared veteran players roaming around clubbing seals (new players).

Adding onto this, I have to question Nelson’s thought process when he decided to add this to the beta. Was it added to balance out high-powered sniper rifles? Was it for more realism? Or was this one of those mechanics that was added simply because it could be added? The only other games I’ve seen with this mechanic are hyper-realistic games such as Post Scriptum and Red Orchestra. Hell, even Escape From Tarkov doesn’t have this mechanic. Therefore, I’d like to implore Nelson to reconsider adding this mechanic to UII in its final form, as I believe that this would only have a negative effect on the game.

TL;DR, manual bolting would make semi and auto guns a straight upgrade over repeaters, a similar situation to how the Maplestrike is almost a straight upgrade over the Heartbreaker, which is why almost nobody would use the latter over the former, given the choice.

reply of equal length to, but no relation to the original post

Just give faster guns a faster cycling animation.

Probably would just be different firemodes that fire as soon as the cycling animation finishes.

If you get into a rhythm/habit of double tapping the [Primary Attack] key you can initiate the cycling animation nearly as fast as you would if cycling the action was done without player input, and if for some reason you physically can’t double tap a key, you can (atleast in the current build) cycle the action with a different key or used macros.
Things that I would say should be changed are the interaction between ADS and cycling; (currently it is impossible to start cycling the bolt until you are no longer scoped in, and the cycling animation can be skipped entirely by scoping in even for the briefest of moments, but this could give you an idea what it would be like to have a shorter cycling animation) and the fact that cycling the action doesn’t have any effect on point of aim.

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No, but what’s the point though?

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