Devlog #35 Fire Axe Bugs

Within a few minutes of starting to play the latest update I noticed two small issues.

  1. The Fire Axe has no weight

  2. When equipping another weapon while attacking with the axe, the newly equipped item disappears. I didn’t record a video but it happens when trying to equip any of the three weapons on the Firing Range and can be done anytime from when you first start to attack to just before the attack finishes.

In case it’s important, clothing items do not despawn when doing this and it does not appear to affect simply picking up items instead of equipping from the ground.


This update was released 13 minutes ago, and the community has already found this glitch.

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Uh oh! Thanks for the reports.


kinda missing the WAPSSHHH punching noise

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Update: I crashed

I took a screenshot but apparently it failed and copied this log instead. I was close to this position swinging down and trying to delete the fire axes on the ground.


Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x000002c4

0x00007ff6a370f8a0 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33a4bab U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a338e0c0 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a4391017 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a437acc0 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a467592b U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a437a80c U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a32f4e01 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33ce5d0 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a35d3429 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a36f98f5 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a2fd311e U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a32f1300 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a32e24ee U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a32f1c05 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a3415e9a U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a35d3429 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a36f98f5 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a3414250 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33516dc U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a333d5a8 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a333ef85 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a335d3e2 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a333bec0 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33f55c4 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a35d3429 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a36f98f5 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33f2262 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a333f7bf U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a3322e56 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33e283b U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a35d3429 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a36f98f5 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33e1387 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a3321412 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a332fc54 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a33192cc U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a49cdcb9 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a49dd751 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a336f26d U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a480f3cd U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a4817e2b U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a480e5c8 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a4816b8a U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a437ee05 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a498ca81 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a3445bd9 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a3445ce3 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a344d322 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a4996820 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a4998cc7 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a468498e U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a45b82c7 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a2fbab9a U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a2fc0cc0 U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a2fc0d2a U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a2fca6bb U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff6a5199e4e U4-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffbbc2b7bd4 KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffbbdeece51 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction

Unless it was due to alt-tabbing with D3D12 enabled, could you email me the crash dump file please?

  1. Open Windows File Explorer
  2. Paste “%UserProfile%/AppData/Local/U4/Saved/Crashes” without quotes into path
  3. Find the most recent crash
  4. Attach the UE4Minidump.dmp file
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I’m having an issue where when I interact with items I can’t exit the menu or move my mouse around image

There should probably be a cancel option for the pickup menu. But in this situation I can’t seem to exit the menu at all while holding the fire axe

No alt-tabbing involved before the crash, sending it now.

I’m also having the same issue as Nolan but that was after the crash and possibly involved alt-tabbing. I was able to close it but it was in a state where every item I looked at afterwards would do it until I spammed the key a few times.

Thank you for the crash file. I will debug it shortly.

Ran into that interaction menu issue as well. I think this is related to a change where interact input now gets priority when focusing an interactable object. Will get that fixed up.


The crash was caused by dequiping the weapon mid-attack. (Related to cleanup because the animation no longer needs to be refreshed every frame once the attack is done.) For the meantime not dequipping while attacking should avoid the crash.


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