Devtest Mapname Reveal?

What do you guys think?
Pineridge isn’t a bad name.

this was literally up for view longer then the devlog has been, this isn’t even a reveal


Seems like a nice name for a generic town

Hasn’t Nelson moved from PEI IRL? Could his new home province be the setting of the new map?

He never was from PEI :sweat_smile:


My whole life is a lie!


Hello dankness mi old frond… Me has come to c you again…

would finish that song for you but cant remember the rest of it xd

Nelson is from Calgary, not sure why he chose PEI though :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably because an island is easier to replicate in a game.
And also for the lore elements.

becuase PEI stands for Pnelson Eis Icool


Smallest canadian province and being an island would simplify things when making the map.

Well, since some of these people are only finding out now. Not a very good reveal where ever it was first posted.
Can’t say all of us are hip and on top of things the minute it pops up so excuse me.

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You! Out!
Your head should be on a plate for saying such mindless phrases!

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did not address my point in any meaningful way

What you want a cookie for coming on here with your fedora and saying “Its not a true reveal hur dur”

Do I look like I care Whistleblower?
You rub me the wrong way boi, im done here.

You care enough to reply. ecks dee

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this might be the saddest comment i’ve ever seen, and i’ve seen my own


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