Did the hours for the Unturned II beta get decreased?

Hello. I was just wondering if the hours got decreased like Nelson mentioned in the first beta devlog as the game got “more polished”.

I was able to get the beta key with around 2100 hours on Unturned and without the experienced beret. I’m not sure whether it’s a bug or a miracle but either way I decided to ask here. I apologize if I am rehashing this topic because I am fairly new to this forum, but to those who are trying to get the Unturned II beta, you might have a chance.


Keep quiet and he doesn’t have to remove it

Found here.

I could be misinterpreting his phrasing, but I believe that hour requirements have in fact begun to increment down already.


yeah, the requirement probably decreased

nelson has gifted you epic gift


Nelson has already stated that the requirements will decrease over time. I am sure that after 1-3 months of one phase, he will decrease it, so chances are this is the case

I’m just waiting for the requirement to be decreased to 1200 hours.

I’m just waiting for the game to actually have all its core features and maybe some varied content as well.


Better something than nothing for me.

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Yep, it’s at 2000 hours currently.


@MoltonMontro Hallelujah!

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New update guys!

Everyone with Graduation Cap gets 4.0 beta! Hurray!
Now only the experienced playerbase can try it out.

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