Did you know?

There is only 176 people with the certified badge, that seems like too little.


Some people skipped the tutorial.
     We all know how that went.

Also why?


Just surprised me.

Did you know that only one person has the ‘Higher Love’ and ‘Crazy in Love’ badges?

Did you know that that person hasn’t experienced real love, so they spam forum likes as a surrogate?




Nah, you’re just jealous.

We all still dont know why your happy for spamming something.

You still don’t know whether to say your or you’re


Insert offensive words here

Tbf… Spamming is like a can…

A Can of Spam

Enter Cringy Laughtrack here

Did you know that Germany is north of Canada?


Did you know the sun will blow up because it lost all its hydrogen and is now using its helium to expand and become what is known as a red giant entering earths orbit and potentionally consuming the planet or leaving it to burn.

That’s gonna happen in 5000 years from now… So yeah, humanity has a time limit for escaping the solar system, though if an apocalypse happens, it might screw over humanity. Specially if we lose all our tech and revert to farming and such for another several thousand years.

Is that one of the many spooky facts we will get during the month of October?

5 billion years, And i have a feeling that we’ll probably have interstellar or Intergalactic travel By then.

If humanity keeps it up at this rate, that will most likely not happen.

now aint that spooky

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Well were close to getting to an automated Robotic age, So it may be a little possible to achieve.

Eh, it seems more likely that we are going to blow ourselves up before that happens.

now aint that spooky

Only the inexperienced ones blow and kill themselves attempting to build a robot. if your experienced enough, its possible to build one.