Diesel's Rabbits

Some guy named Diesel made a working rabbit mod, which is killable that drops meat and a foot. Go check it out


What do you guys think of this mod?


Looking good and vanilla. I like it!

Where are the Armed Russian Bear Brigades…

@Dieselsisel Is on the forums by the way, he was the one who made the really nice GPS mod too :stuck_out_tongue:

(He’s also helping a few people out with their projects c;)

(Including you :wink: )

looks a lot like the minecraft rabbit lmao

Oh no I’m exposed D:

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Better than the blobs that are Unturned animals

The deer and cow look nice, They’d look nicer with more customized animations.

Fuck yeah this is the guy who made the GPS one too, dope

Lewis is a stupid fat hobbit :thinking: ?

yeah he is. :wink:

stupid fat hobitses

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