Different Enemy Types Concept

Hello there. I hope you’re having a wonderful day, whoever you are. For this post, I’ll be making a list dedicated to the different npc types and how each one would differ from one another and how they would affect gameplay. Each npc is different in terms of how they move, how they fight, how they see, how they hear, and how they interact with the world and I would like to demonstrate how that would be the case. With that being said, let’s go!


The Walker

The walker zombie is the basic common zombie the player would encounter. However, not all walker zombies would perform or function in the same way. There would be some walkers that are heavy and move slow or light and move fast, which all depends on the clothes and equipment the zombie has and what stuff the zombie has in the equipment or clothes.

For example, you’re in a suburban area of a decent sized city and there’s zombies wandering the area. To the left is a zombie, wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans, with boots and a belt around the waist of the jeans, with a hoodie that has bullets in it, a civilian vest with some canned food in it, and a heavy backpack with extra food, water, and supplies in it. Because the walker has that much equipment on him and stuff inside the equipment, the walker would move slow and when chasing the player, won’t be able to run nearly as fast. To the right, we have a zombie wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. Because the walker to the left doesn’t have much, he’s able to move faster and when chasing the player, would be able to catch up.

The Listener

The Listener is inspired by the Clickers from The Last of Us. They are blind due to the organic fungus organisms growing in the eyes. As a result, the listener relies on echolocation in order to move place to place in the area it’s in. The sounds the player makes would also attract the listener as well.

For example, when shooting a round from an Eaglefire, the Listener would turn to the direction it heard the gunshot and will head in that direction and walk around the surrounding area to feel where the player could be at. If the player is constantly running, the listener would just start chasing the player in the same path the noise was last heard. This adds different variety in stealth as well, as the player can throw an empty can to lure the listener to that direction, similar to how zombies follow the last place they heard a flare in Unturned 3.0.

The Spitter

Much like ekhoalfa’s post on different npc types, the spitter wouldn’t really be much different, with the only possible change being the pathfinding, where it would distance itself and vomit acid from the mouth at the player.

The Imploder

The Imploder would basically be the boomer from Left 4 Dead. It would suit as the replacement for the flamer zombie from Unturned 3.0. When in sight of the player, it would become a ticking time bomb and upon getting close to the player, would implode. That’s…pretty much it really.

Nothing too special, with the only thing different being the name and the fact it replaces the flamer to appeal to the realistic tone Nelson wants for Unturned II.

The Heavy

The Heavy would just be the Unturned 3.0 Mega Zombie. It would be stronger and have more health, but would also be slow in speed due to its giant size. It would be able to throw things at the player, similar to what it did in Unturned 3.0, but instead of throwing giant rocks at the player it grabs out of the ground, it would simply use the environment to its advantage and throw anything it finds at the player and would do so at a distance, if the player is far enough from it.

For example, when at medium-to-long range at the player, it would grab the object, place, or thing nearest to him and would chuck it at the player (e.g. Cars, trees, dumpsters, etc.). When at close range with the player, it would use its powerful strength to kill the player, which will cause bleeding or bone breaking status-effects.


The Coalition

The Coalition would be the peacekeepers of Unturned II, the “good” guys. They would be a paramilitary group, tasked for providing shelter for refugees and keeping peace to the land during the outbreak. These guys devote their time to rid the region from zombies and bandits, as well as other threats. If you have a bad reputation with these guys, they won’t hesitate to kill you. If you have a positive reputation with these guys, they won’t feel threatened by you.

Their equipment would consist of military-based clothing with military guns, such as Maplestrikes, Eaglefires, Avengers, Heartbreakers, or other forms of military equipment and gadgets. Upon killing one of these guys rewards you with possible military ammunition, MREs, etc.

Their tactics would be military focused, with getting behind cover, using suppressing fire against targets, flanking the enemy, and throwing explosives to lure the player out of hiding.

The Bandits

The common human antagonist group you’ll find. They are a collection of thieves and killers, who won’t waste any second to kill you on sight. You can, however, get a positive reputation with these guys if you kill human factions they are against, such as The Coalition. As a result, they won’t feel threatened by your presence.

Their equipment consists of average civilian clothing, with either a balaclava, balaclava, or form of facewear as a mask, as well as some kind of hat, with some wearing gloves. Their weapons would consist of Zubeknakovs, Matamorezs, Calling Cards, and other bandit weapons, with the items they drop upon killing one being ranger based ammunition, with average food supplies and drinks, with Canned Beans and Water being possible item drops if lucky.

Their tactics are roughly the same as The Coalition’s tactics, they lay suppressing fire, flank their targets, and getting behind cover, with the only thing they don’t really do being throwing explosives at the player.

The Hunters

A human group, who’s neither good or bad. The Hunters are a human faction who are just survivors trying to survive the region, while dealing with serious threats along the way. The Hunters don’t really use guns and prefer to use different kinds of weapons to attack threats. They mostly use bow and arrows, with others using melee weapons.

Their equipment consists of long-sleeve shirts and pants, with boots and an overcoat of some sort, whether it be a hoodie or a trenchcoat, with gloves and an arrow quiver to holster arrows. Their weapons consist of being bows and crossbows for long range, with baseball bats and golf clubs and machetes, or other blunt or sharp melee weapons of some sort for close range. Their loot after killing one is the same as Bandits, with arrows and melee weapons being the key difference.

Their tactics are different compared to The Coalition and The Bandits. Their tactics are stealth based and use the environment to their advantage, which will differ in tactics, depending on the environment itself. If The Hunter is using bows or crossbows in the forest, they’ll take cover behind a tree. If in an Urban area, they’ll hide in a house of some sort and take cover behind a window or hide behind a house and use the walls as cover.

The Military

The big dogs, people who aren’t playing around. Based on the State Security Service from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and HECU from Half-Life 1, they serve the purpose of containing the region by eliminating any possible threats and maintaining security along the borders of the region, making sure nothing gets in or out. They have a strong alliance with The Coalition, as they’ve worked together to maintain control of the virus. Therefore, having a good reputation with The Coalition or The Military would result in you not getting killed by them.

They have a strong diversity in terms of weaponry. They use military-based weapons and ammunition, with military based vehicles, such as tanks and helicopters. They’re equipment is all military focused…that’s it. They’re outposts are located in military bases, where a lot of the military equipment is located. They’ve tight security in the outposts, so raiding the military bases to get strong loot will not be an easy challenge. Their loot, upon killing one, is the same as The Coalition.

Their tactics, in terms of ground combat, is the same as The Coalition, with vehicle combat tactics being that they use tank shells at the player if they’re far enough or bullets if close enough. If hiding in a building, the tanker won’t be afraid to use a tank shell at the building. They’ll do anything to destroy your cover. The pilot would use the helicopter to gun you down, whether in a building or on the ground. If in the middle of the night, they will use a searchlight to locate their targets. If you get in their line of sight, they will not hesitate to shoot.

And that wraps it all up. This is my first post on this sub, so any form of constructive feedback is more than welcome. Let me know what you think of this down below. Thanks for reading.


I think your ideas are pretty good! I also think it’s very interesting this mechanic that if you are good with a side, it will make their allies not attack you. You explained this about the military with the coallition.

About the section on humans.

Although somehow I feel that so many human npc’s could change a bit the essence of the game, however it doesn’t bother me. The only thing I see is that it would be a big job for nelson to create AIs that are smart enough to be stealthy, plus you mentioned that bandits and hunters could take loot after killing the player. Not that I know much about programming but I think this could be done over time. Not impossible but difficult in my opinion.

About the section on the Infected.

Regarding the zombies I think they sound pretty good, although obviously the designs and names should change to not be copies of L4D or TLOU. Although I think they are good sources of inspiration for new zombie types.

I think would add an extra zombie type to your list.

While you mentioned that regular zombies could be slow or fast. I think there could be a type of zombie besides the regular zombie that is faster and more agile.

  • Able to climb walls, move quickly between obstacles and be able to go around groups of infected to get to their target, the player.
  • There could be 2 types. Those who run, or those who go on all fours. That would be even faster and more terrifying.

I would call it the Agile Zombie or some synonym for it. Maybe zombie parkour.

If you like my idea about that kind of zombie I would appreciate if you could tell me what you think. And that’s all!

I hope u keep posting nice ideas! I love reading them. And dont worry if people sometimes just doesnt reply. Sometimes the idea is so good that u have nothing to say :smiley:

I think you mean explode(?)

Military Rifleman:
Fast moving, moderately aggressive, and well protected. Has a quick aim speed and moderate accuracy, with high Morale. Will attempt to stay with fireteam in any manuver.
An all arounder, the Infantryman is the base. Good at all ranges, lethal up close.
The Team Leader sports mildly higher accuracy, and will improve the team’s coordination when alive.
“Armed with an assault rifle, he packs a decent punch. Still won’t be enough to keep him from dying to any decent player.”

Military Marksman:
Moderate speed, defensive, well protected. Slow to aim. Excellent accuracy and good Morale.
Armed with a DMR and a submachine gun. Can spot enemies from further away. Attempts to shoot targets from some distance rather than close in.
Strongest traits are longer range and heavier damage+better penetration. Also has excellent CQB against anything not wearing good bodyarmour.
Weakest traits are lack of good armour piercing firepower up close and lack of horde defense.
“It keeps jamming! See-”

Military SAW Gunner:
Armed with an LMG and a pistol. Slow moving, defensive, well protected, and moderately slow aiming. Poor accuracy, but excellent Morale.
The SAW Gunner will seek out cover and attempt to suppress enemies for the fireteam. Against zombies the SAW Gunner will try to shoot into the densest part of the crowd.
Strongest traits are being extremely dangerous at chokes, kill tunnels, etc, and excellent when with a team.
Weakest are poor marksmanship in sustained fire and poor reactivity; if surprised, all there is is a pistol.
“He’s like a bear. He’s like a big angry besr that hates people!”

Military Grenadier:
Armed with an assault rifle equupped with a USGL. Same stats as the Infantryman.
Grenade mode can be activated id a target is behind cover or if there’s a large zombie group nearby. The grenade launcher aims slowly, but is extremely dangerous, however, it has a very short range compared to everything else.
Strongest traits are area damage and extreme lethality at short-medium range. He can defeat cover by lobbing a 40mm over it or just past it.
Weakest traits is a lack of power beyond GL range.
“Damn noob tubes…”

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Second post because phone lags with too much typing
In my mind, Coalition guys are basically slightly less skilled Military, but they have much better fire support.
Their guys move slower, aim slower, and miss more, but they have more heavy equipment available.
The Military prioritizes order and security, while the Coalition prioritizes civil safety and the like. The Coalition may well go out and evacuate civilians from the zone outright, while the Military attempts to hold the fort.

In terms of gear:
Coalition units have some diversity in bodyarmour, gun, etc. It’s a coalition, so standardization is somewhat less. You’ll see blue flaks right next to blue assault bodyarmour complexes.

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