Different shading types for different people

In unturned 3.0 some people like the color system and i thought maybe a way to
fix the problem was adding different shading types in the options bar
If you’ve ever played the forest you’d understand what i mean.
there’s different shading types for different people here are the 5 i’m suggesting

Original - Stanadard 4.0 color palate slightly apocalyptic and dull
Vibrant - More intense colors for the people who prefer the 3.0 palete
Horor - Dark, grey gloomy palete looks a bit more scary like resident evil or any horor game
Warm - More of an orange tint to make it more soft and better for night owls
Apocalyptic - More intense like DayZ or Arma

This would probably be added as a server setting to be switched on or off

Thank you for the feedback!


I don’t think this is necessary.
We have SweetFX and ReShade for that, which will hopefully be supported by UE4.

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ReShade would probably be blocked.

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p l e a s e n o

why the wallhax nolson why

I believe you’re either too vague on this, or describing a problem that doesn’t exist.

Because I don’t have the slightest idea what you mean by “color system” or what this even has to do with the Forest.

How about a yellowish theme without any blue light so your eyes don’t die when playing at night time

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I have never really felt the need to change the colors of any game.

Not sure what the ‘problem’ is but I like it. I wouldn’t have before this weekend. This weekend I played on a PEIv3 map and saw first hand how eerie the game can be with a few interested environmental effects and a change in color pallette. Phew!!! Intense! This map made nighttime look and feel like a 10 hour drive through Amish Pennsylvania at night. If you have not done this ever put it on your bucket list or soemthing similar to see what nighttime is supposed to look like. Dark you can feel! Then throw in some faded, flikering flourescents in some of the buildings and, WOW! Unturned can get really spooky really fast with a few really small changes!

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I believe he means the general enviroment’s color. Is it gonna be sunny and bloomy like 3.0? Or is it gonna be dark and misty? There’s gonna be a slider for that so you can choose

That’s basically what he’s trying to say

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Now that I do understand it, I think this would be problematic in that it gives certain players an advantage in factors like visibility, making this hard to balance especially with more maps coming out.

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Or change between those 2, like real life

The only way I see this working is as a server setting, so the owner can decide what mood lighting they want on their server. It would still require a lot of work, and would add very little to the game.


Yeah, because there’s obviously a slider in real life that lets us magically change the color of the universe.


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In the forest you can change the shading types to different paletes

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