Different wheels for each terrain and variations! (Showcase)

Hey guys! Now I’m dealing with car for my game! I’m now working on the features, and later on the cars models, but one of the things I wanted is the possibility to change the car’s wheels, or even have variation so the same car model can come with different wheels.
I have two models, one sportier, and the other is a cheap wheel with all terrain tires.
Here are the models:

Perspective View / Orthographic View)
This is the cheap 15" wheel, that must come in cheap civillian car and some SUVs / Pickups.

Here is the sportier 19" wheel, with low profile tires, that will increase grip and acceleration in asphalt, but loose grip on mud / grass and make the car a little more stiffer.
Now I’m planning to do some off road and snow wheels (I know it’s technically a tire, but the tire will be permanently attached to the wheel), and them create at least 3 variations of each type of wheel. As I create more car models, more wheels will be created too.
Do you have any more ideas for what types of tire am I missing? Or even some photos of some fancy wheels? Comment bellow!
Also, what types of car modifications would you like to see in a survival game? Let me know what you think!


Offroad tires. They would have a better capability of driving in the woods.


Ooh, I quite like this. Has Nelson said whether or not this level of vehicle customization will be implemented? This is certainly something I’d love to see be added.

Also the fact that you made some actual models makes this so much better! Perhaps you could also create models for damaged/popped wheels as well?

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What is the game you are making?

My game. For Mercy. Survival game, focusing on some in-depht mechanics. I’ll be posting more about it when I have some solid content.

This isn’t an Unturned II post, it’s a post for the game that he’s developing himself.


But it’s a good idea for Unturned too.

Ah, my bad. Maybe I should actually read the dang post next time!

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The 15" fits perfectly with the type of car I had in mind! Need some tweeks tho.

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