Differently damaged vehicles

Okay, so here’s the tl;dr. Cars will sometimes spawn without some/all doors, same with if windows are broken or not. Same with some other stuff.

Doors basically, finding a vehicles that the body is damaged but not the things needed for driving, adds to the apocalyptic feel. As well as cars having windows that are partially broken/completely destroyed. Likely, if the windows are only partially destroyed (half the window missing, or it’s badly cracked), it will probably just be easier to break out the remaining glass because the damage to the window makes it hard to see (this applies to windshields BTW. )

It would also help with immersion, having cars which look like the doors were ripped off or partially smashed windshields with blood on them?

Also, maybe instead of missing batteries in car sometimes, you have to take out a extremely damaged battery, or you have to jump-start a vehicle with another vehicle.

Possibly tires that instead of being completely destroyed just the rubber is gone and it leaves the (rim?) also, rubber should be able to catch on fire on vehicles, which sometimes, can cause a similar result to gta v (the vehicle explodes) or just the rubber burns off.

Any other ideas I have for this might be too complex. Though for fixing vehicles that spawn with a damaged engine you would have to have a few materials and your character would have to know how to fix the vehicle. Also, damaged vehicles should be more likely to have keys in them, since the person was probably killed after being dragged out. (maybe you could find keys for more important vehicles in places related to them, say a parked semi would have its keys in a nearby locked building or something.)

Also, cars should be missing other types of stuff, bumpers, lights, ect. And most likely you would be able to replace those with parts from the same type of vehicles (as in company and model) and replace those. So technically, you could get rainbow colored vehicles xd


I like this idea. It definetly fits survival how you have to adapt to the situation whether you like it or not. I just hope cars will be more customisable, like just smashing the windows and replacing the with a flip metal window, so you can pull it down when you wanna shoot. And I also hope that cars can actually endure bullets so it makes sense. You can shoot the empty back of a van in 3.0 and make it blow up even though there is literally nothing there exept some metal.


Yeah elaborating on what lemakoti said almost anything should be replaceable on a if you have enough levels in both engineer and mechanics to further add the importance of mechanical

Glass- placed like glass on windows this will make it easier to place glass on windows because it will snap on intstead of the player having to play around with it for thirty minutes.

Also the outside of the car should be upgradable to allow more health and possibly be bulletproof? I dunno I’ll try to make a post on this Tomorrow or something

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Personally I agree with everything except ripped off doors (Why are they ripped off in the first place??? They’re not exactly an easily stealable or replaceable part) and tires catching on fire.

You ever seen a car drive right by another car with an open door? :stuck_out_tongue: Also, if zombies can smack a vehicle enough to make it explode, can’t they break off doors?

Not sure what cardboard cars you’re driving around, but no, and probably, but it’s a system that doesn’t show linear destruction, so it goes from okay to smoking to exploding.

Car doors for the most part aren’t that difficult to take off or put back on. The problem lies in that car doors, similar to windows and windshields, aren’t universal which makes finding a replacement door or a use for a stolen one a difficult prospect. In 4.X the windows for houses are already standardized into just a few shapes and sizes. If vehicles were to become more modular, the varieties of doors, windows, and windshields would likely be simplified as well.

All it takes is a socket wrench as long as you can open and close the doors, but I doubt people are going to take the doors off of cars like they do Radios and Tires. They’re simply not universal enough for there to be a demand for them. I know some P71 Crown Vic Interceptors have Kevlar in the doors, but other than harvesting stuff like that, there’s simply no reason whatsoever to steal car doors, other than highly, highly inefficient glass and scrap looting.

This would be very nice to see. An object version of this would be nice as well, because it definitely gets repetitive with my style of map making when I put a bunch of wrecked vehicles everywhere and their only variation is color.

When shooting at an enemy car with basic ARS or similar it shouldnt damage the vehicle. It should have some sort of a penetration system. This would also reward you for shooting tires. Only guns that should be able to destroy vehicles are LMGs, Miniguns, Flamethrowers and any explosive oriented weapon. Because its annoying how in unturned 3 your car gets blown in 4 seconds because someone is spraying with some 9mm SMG.

I mean in the wishlist it says that you will be able to open and close car doors/trunks, so unless open doors will glitch trough walls, i think its likely to be added

can’t wait to drive a lada with cardboard bumpers

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Where did cardboard bumpers come from xd, well I’m add onto the post based on what y’all said.

GTA’s Lada has cardboard spoilers and bumpers so I believe that’s what he’s referring to.

I already said everything you just said and explained why it wouldn’t necessarily matter in Unturned 4.X.

I know I’m just backing you up :smiley:

Sorry I was confused for a bit.

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