Difficulty Suggestion: Hardcore

Servers should choose to disable respawn, so players will have only one life.

After you join the server for the first time, you will have 30 minutes wich will enable respawn only to you, and allow you to not get spawn killed and to be find loot.
Obviously after a server wipe, you should be able to respawn. (Unless wipes are disabled)

It would be a good gamemode since it will make you think about what you’re doing instead of walking mindlessly around the map, it will add more depth into the players interactions, and add more challenge.

Food and water should be really difficult to find, and the hunger and thirst should be faster, so the players will prioritize finding food instead of fucking around mindlessly and then get bored.
And zombies should be a higher threat for players, so it will force players to plan before entering the city.

also good rp experience pls neslon, rp very fun


I really agree as you said but i think this could increase the difficulty more
1 no hitmarkers
2 no kill feed or something that’s tells you that your enemy for example had bleed out you shoot him Cople of time
3 why not making that you are locked on frist person look only
4 ammo check like EFT will be good as there is no HUD for ammo
5 unable to see the health bar and the stamina bar only if you do a check by entering to your inventory and have to wait still 30 seconds

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I dont think removing the ability to respawn would be good at all , servers would be empty within weeks or months cuz no one can play on them anymore

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With the kind of game I’m assuming Unturned II to be, removing respawns would be absolutely horrible. This isn’t supposed to be an extremely hardcore game. Closest I’d like to see for “no respawns” is how Project Zomboid handles characters. If you die you die, but you can start over in the same world with nothing which could be compared to 3.0 servers with full skill loss and no beds.

I agree with at least having a difficulty setting for moving hunger and thirst to slightly more challenging rates and having more threatening zombies. Also, for your RP wishes, I’m pretty sure there are at least a couple people considering custom gamemodes for it.


how to immediately kill a server


I like this but make the respawn timer like 2 hours so you can play later with your mates.

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No one said hardcore should be the only gamemode so I don’t see what point you’re trying to make here. Are you saying only hardcore games can have “hardcore” gamemodes? Is Minecraft an inherently hardcore game?

I don’t personally see a reason to consider this as an official difficulty though. If someone wants a true hardcore mode they can mod it in themself. While a few of these ideas could work for an official hard difficulty, others, especially the no respawn, just wouldn’t fit in with how most people here vision the game.

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