Digging, Aircraft Physics, and Environmental Physics, Birds

And that is 100% what we want. We all want that. Talking about it more soon.

And well, I would hope Unturned does include this as a primary way. Unturned could be a lot more than looting, it could also be excavating, mining, extracting.


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ay look birds that you could hunt would be cool, more dynamic weather already appears to be being worked on and decent aircraft physics would also be cool assuming that by ‘burn up’ you either mean a spaceship or just a plane breaking when it goes too fast

the whole underground thing could be cool but it would kinda be sketchy and could be difficult / buggy to implement

Eh, don’t try and force that generalization. I personally don’t really want to see procedural generation, considering the amount of work and devtime something like that would require. It’s not something Nelson should tackle alone.


Ignoring the time or work involved.

Still would honestly dislike procedural generation. Part of what makes survival games like Rust, DayZ, H1Z1 (lul), and Unturned itself so enjoyable to return to is the familiarity of the maps. Being able to slowly learn a map as you play through the game and become more experienced is part of the whole experience of surviving, for me at least. I mean, that’s not to say others wouldn’t like procedural generation, or that procedural generation is inherently bad, but I personally still would prefer set maps (though much larger than the current versions, of course).

On the opposite, what makes Unturned extremely unenjoyable and repetitive is how the maps are the same, and you develop the same boring tactic of going from location A to B to C to A.

Inversely, its fun to fight the challenge of an unexplored, randomized map. Experienced adventurers will become better and better at proc gen maps, being more nimble, free like water, versatile and adapting to changing environments.

This isn’t a 0 or a 1. I’d like to have furnished, pre-made maps AND proc gen maps too. Rust does this just fine.

Again, that was really only my own opinion on the matter, and obviously others can have different feelings on the matter. It doesn’t mean all of what you said is objective, either.

Anyway, ignoring devtime, sure having procedural generation and pre-determined maps would be pretty neat as it would cater to either person. But the reality of the whole process makes it something that will likely take tons of devtime, and not something really in the realm of possibility if Nelson wants to get the game released within a reasonable timeframe. Maybe a long term stretch goal, sure, but I think Nelson should start by focusing on premade maps firt and foremost.

Building off of what n3rfcr4zy said about not priorotizing procedural generation of maps:

  • First priority (of the types of thing I’m listing, not necessarily first in overall game development) should be manual mapmaking tools.
  • Second should be tools for procedural generation of interiors, and possibly of buildings within a town.
  • Third would be an option to regenerate the above upon loading a map/entering a location.
  • Fourth would be procedural generation of entire maps.

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