Digging, Aircraft Physics, and Environmental Physics, Birds

Digging Ok so It would be great if you could just take a shovel or jackhammer, anything that digs and start digging a hole. Like you can make underground bases, or even a trench if you were rp’ing a ww1 battle or something.

AIRCRAFT PHYSICS As for this I say we have wind, and the planes can shake, burn up, structural failures, and that you can open the cockpit door into a jet or plane.

ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSICS We can have like wind, trees blowing in the wind, Can have even more crazy storms like lightning strikes.

BIRDS Wondering why its here, well have you noticed the only birds are chickens turkeys and stuff, then how about we get like vultures eagles and you can shoot them out the air and get food, and they can land on the ground and fly back up or, try and dive bomb you and attack you.


I don’t think a plane or heli could go up into space. (Burn up part)


Digging- There are a lot of issues surrounding freeform digging. People are plenty likely to just dig under towns and cities so that there is no ground except roads and buildings, or just make random holes and trenches all over the map making it look more like a WWI game than a zombie one. Plus, the ground likely would have to be voxel-based or some similar method to allow “digging”, and I believe it currently is only a normal Heightmap like 3.0 was.

Aircraft Physics- Wind and shaking? Sure. Structural damage? I mean, I guess that would be sort of a neat, but only if it was simplified enough to not be overly complicated. And by opening the cockpit door do you mean that just when people are entering/exiting like normal? Because that’s likely to be added just like it is with ground vehicles.

Environmental Physics- Pretty much confirmed.

Birds- yeah a bit more interesting wildlife would be appreciated.


Jets can certaily get close, soem can literally reach space. Helicopters, yeah no not going to work without air.

Freeform would be too much to ask, I’d be fine with predefined structures, some tecnhes, a few sandbags or whatever.


I don’t think (civilian) planes or helis can even reach high enough speeds to burn up in the atmosphere :thinking:


Only burn up on re-entery

I would like being able to dig, it would open up many options for where to build bases. For example it would be super cool having an underground base where you need to crawl into the sewers under a city and find the door to get to the base.

Both could, but the problem is that helicopters and most civillian aricraft are not capable of attaining the needed altitute. Also I am pretty sure reaching those speeds would severly compromise the structural integrity of those aircraft.

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The main thing I would like to see is better Aircraft and Vehicle physics, especially aircraft. It would be cool to have proper dogfights as well as to drive vehicles in a more realistic manner; the thing that pisses me off most is when you find a fast car in Unturned I but you can’t drive it because when you go above 40kmph the car starts to lag.
In terms of aircraft physics (and vehicles physics) you should have more destructible components, such as the wing.

Anyway, nice suggestion!

Literally never. The amount of relaism required for that is astonishing.

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Why? You can already sort of do proper dogfights in U3?

The main problem lies with destructible vehicle components.

You must be joking. Shitty guns, no handling, no SRAAMs, no flaps, no HUDs.


Oh right, that’s what you mean. I don’t think we need to go that complex, but better aircraft physics to do with flying, landing, etc is definitely needed. The priority shouldn’t be dogfights, it should be air vs ground. But dogfights would be great.

About digging nelson should add feature similar to dayz which is you can bury backpack or a weapon underground and it will appear as (Pile of Dirt)

I think that would be way too OP. I mean the Rust mechanic of burying satchels underground is borderline OP, but it is not too bad since the satchels automatically un-dig themselves if anyone clicks or walks near them.
Burying stuff underground to hide it would be flat out OP.

I dont think this would be op at all , you would most likely be burying a box with very limited storage keep in mind that in rust you can have like 20 light machine guns at once while in unturned you cant fit that many even with best gear so in a box you cant fit something like a minigun , maybe bearly an assault rifle so it would be nerfed a lot by the storage system