Diners, drive-ins and dies!


that’s a truckstop!

I also made some cool dude weapons for all of my cool dudes out there

I also made some different flavors of ammunition for whenever you want to eat your bullets!

instead of going for a ranger/military balance thingy, I went for a high caliber-low caliber balance. their rarities from least to most rare appearing from left to right.

Salty ammo is high caliber
Savoury ammo is medium caliber
and sweet ammo is low caliber.

I made some semi models and I am going to make them into vehicles pretty soon, but I would like to know your opinion on how I am gonna make them vehicles first.

Should I make them have working rotating trailer parts (Will be glitchy)

or have an empty back (more stable, no bugs)

  • Trailer
  • No trailer

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Credits to ya boi steven for the truck stop sign

smell ya later nerds


early devlog cause I have shit to do tommorow


Nice, love the ammunition



wheres peski


He was lost in the mines. He won’t be missed