Directed Energy Weapons

A DEW has higher precision and no bullet drop/travel time, it is more efficient at taking down flying objects, disorientating, disabling, blinding your target and disrupting/destroying technology, it has no recoil and since it does close to none sound it is perfect for taking down an opponent silently and from a high distance

I was talking about the smg-sized versions (except for the microwave gun), of course there’s gonna be something more lethal than a FUCKING PISTOL, but it’s gonna be as big as a barret .50 cal antimaterial rifle or a vulcan m134 minigun, the overheating problem is less of a issue in laser guns, and could be avoided with water cooling or vents, as i said if you have a DEW you are using it for having a distance/stealth advantage not for rushing people mindlessly like you do with kinetic weapons.

(Also nelson could decide to be a bit less realistic and make these weapons a little bit stronger, BUT NO TRACER/VISIBLE BEAM BULLSHIT)

I fail to see how these minor advantages necessitates the addition of these weapons when there are other weapons that could do the job just as well. Remember, Nelson doesn’t have time to add in every small weapon suggestion just because there’s an extremely specialized niche for them.

This isn’t a necessity, it was a suggestion, nelson can ignore this post or add them as overpowered no-recoil visible beam guns that kill in one shot and have no overheating and use something similar to normal mags.

Never forgot that, as i said before he can completely ignore this post or add them as op ass guns (also experimental weapons are already in the game, look at the shadowstalker and the shadowstalker mkII)

In case he doesn’t want to add them, that’s not a issue, it would be just cool to see more weapon variety in the game.

This is a great thing to add to the gayme, juat use one of these to protec urself


(/S btw this is literally not needed)

As someone who suggested fairly futuristic tech in my “Armor in II” topic, I might look like a hypocrite for not really wanting this.

Non visible, or even visible beam weapons are hard to balance in a game like this, and honestly cross that line of “alright, this is fairly plausible” to “this is pure scifi”.

I think some moderately advanced weapons for very late game gear, found only in Excursions, would be acceptable, but I really don’t want beam weapons.

hey guys

pulsar beam

the ending to unturned as we know it


Again: something like this but as an electronics jammer device (instead of a weapon) would do just right as an end-game super rare raiding tool, just in case we want a positive yet more reasonable PoV about this.

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Haha, yes :ok_hand:


tbh the call of duty one looks more believable lmao

Lets not make the same mistake as 3.0 and focus way too much on the cool shit and equipment we can get our hands on those can always be added, lets focus on asking for the mechanics we want in this game and refineing them along with the PVE and PVP experiances

man wtf is wrong with the people on this forum, first a fuking nuke and now laser guns? wtf is this even a survival game anymore

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Ikr? And get used to it, cuz’ this is just the top of the iceberg regarding cringe worthy posts around here.

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Remember heat-seeking guided missiles?

Stop it now.


Can you guys let this topic die already?

You literally replied to your own topic 3 days after it had already died complaining that people weren’t letting it die. If you don’t want people commenting on it anymore, ask a moderator to lock it.

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If anything I think Nelson should add them for like April fools on a moon pvp map or something

a EMP generator would do a better job frying hostile electronic devices than a DEW